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1. 钢结构设计:一直专注于钢结构设计领域,精通多种分析软件,从门式刚架厂房到大跨度体育场馆,均有深 入研究和工程实践,长期给各设计院和钢结构公司做配合,经验丰富、价格合理。

2. 太阳能电池板支架结构设计:兆瓦级太阳能发电厂设计经验,善于控制成本。

3. 钢结构加工图设计:专业建模团队,熟悉各种工艺流程,加工厂十年技术服务经历,出图迅速、服务周到。

4. 钢结构有限元分析:善于分析复杂的钢结构节点,模拟各种实际工况,结果准确。

1. Steel structure design: Has been focused on steel structure design field, proficient in a variety of analysis software, from portal rigid frame workshop to large-span stadiums, all have in-depth study and engineering practice, to do for each design institute and steel structure company cooperate for a long time, experienced, the price is reasonable.

2. Design of solar panel bracket structure: Megawatt solar power plant design experience, good at controlling costs.

3. Steel structure detail design: Professional team, familiar with all kinds of process flow, processing factory ten years technical service experience, Drawings quickly, Good service.

4. Finite element analysis of steel structure: Good at analyzing complex steel structure nodes, simulating various actual working conditions, the results are accurate.


3D3S steel structure design software authorization:



1. 钢结构设计  Steel structure design

2. 太阳能电池板支架结构设计  Design of solar panel bracket structure

3.钢结构加工图设计  Steel structure detail design

 3.1 中国钢结构加工图设计 China steel structure detail

3.2 澳大利亚钢结构加工图设计 Australia steel structure detail

4.钢结构有限元分析 Finite element analysis of steel structure



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