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1. 膜结构设计: 扎实的理论基础,丰富的工程实践,设计的膜结构造型别致新颖,尤其擅长大跨度高难度的项 目,力求在膜结构领域独树一帜。

    1.1 张拉膜结构设计

    1.2 充气膜结构设计

2. 膜结构裁剪设计:加工厂多年技术跟踪服务,找形美观、用料合理。

1. Membrane structure design: Solid theoretical basis, rich in engineering practice, the design of membrane structure with chic modelling is novel, especially good at large span complicated project, makes every effort in the field of membrane structure of its own.

   1.1 Design of tensioned membrane structure

   1.2 Design of pneumatic membrane structure

2. Membrane structure tailoring design: the factory technical tracking service for many years, looking for a beautiful shape, reasonable material.

1.膜结构设计 Membrane structure design

1.1 张拉膜结构设计 Tensioned membrane structure design

1.2 充气膜结构设计 Pneumatic membrane structure design

2.膜结构裁剪设计 Membrane structure cutting design


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